A sex-crazed student from 1996!

This week we have gorgeous Naomi, a never-before-seen on jimslip.com and possibly the second scene she’s ever filmed as the new star on the block, “Algernon Biglesworth – porn star and mystery guy!” This was in 1996, when camcorders were as big as a suitcase and girls were really, really, really hot.
Anyway, we used to write plots in those days and this is an actual version of that plot! I remember taking days to write it!

Hear Naomi Goodgirl, Algee Biglesworth’s tenant and theology student
A strange moan came from the room
above. At first I thought it was a ghost.
I decided to investigate and discover Algy
Editing a porn movie, and of course, when watching the clip, Naomi is too
Overcome Crazy Lust & Gay Demands
He fucks her then and there.

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