Aidra Fox, James Dean, Steve Holmes – Aidra Fox caught in a DP sandwich!

Aidra Fox is the super beautiful brunette you see in front of you. This pretty girl is dressed up and ready to have a blast. You know Aidra, you love Aidra and you already know why – she has one of the most amazing faces, especially her mouth. She is completely natural and has fun, round breasts that are begging to be touched. On top of her adorable looks, she’s a horny little babe who can’t wait to take what she can get her hands on. And in this new offer from DP Masters 3, you get two big penises at once. Aidra isn’t afraid to talk as she tells James and Steve what she wants and then takes it – and then really takes it. Whether she crawls on all fours or has sex with her face, Aidra is smoking hot and looking sexy as fuck from any angle but you are here for the good stuff and that means this vixen takes a dick in her sweet wet pussy and in her tight little asshole at the same time. These guys don’t hold back, and the more they had sex with her, the more they wanted it. They have loads of fun with the beautiful Aidra Fox and this trilogy is one for sticky pages of books. The payoff comes in the form of some huge loads that Aidra sneaks into like a sleeper-thirsty girl.

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