Anika Albrite, Mandingo – Anikka Albrite

Let’s face it, you’ve been on the road a lot lately, but your business demands it. You know your wife, Anika, has been a little dissatisfied lately … but you haven’t even had much time to even think about it much. And the times when you were able to take care of it while you were at home, well … the sex has become a little bit normal. What you didn’t expect was Anikka’s next step. Let’s call it “Anika’s surprise”. While you were away on another business trip to make money for your family, your wife took the family video camera and placed it on a tripod. Then I clicked on Register. What starts out as a teaser for you as a gift when you come back quickly turns into something you’re not sure you can handle … but you just watch it anyway. Anika invites a black man into your bedroom, and she is sleeping with him on your doubles bed. She will even do things with him that she never did to you. For example, she takes it up the ass and then swallows the cum. After all that is said and done, your head spins. Time to divorce? Or get her to invite more men the next time she leaves town?

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