Anna Bell Peaks, Shane Diesel – Anna Bell Peaks

Shane and Anna Bell come to an agreement. Time to tell Anna Bell’s husband (who also happens to be friends with Shane) that they are having sex with you guys. They are not sure how Hubby is going to take it. Will he be angry? Will there be a fist fight? Will he file for divorce? They decide to do the right thing and tell Hubby right in the face, but they’ll have sex first. In fact, it would have been the right thing to do … if Hubby hadn’t come home from work a few hours ago. Anna Bell is distraught until Hubby makes his confession: He had a gut feeling that they were banging. After all, Hubby sees how they act when they come out as a group: hold hands, joke, and kiss farewell in the mouth. Hubby lights up, and he doesn’t want quarrels or divorce; He just wants to watch them wear them while he’s rocking his little white face. Anna Bell’s response? “Oh darling, I love you!”

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