Bailey’s Base – Bailey’s Base

“Do you know how amazing you really are?” Jake asked about Bailey’s exploited base this week. Kinda laughed this cute 19 year old girl who was full of smiles as she jumped in the car for first time sex in front of the camera. AZ welcomes this bundle of sunshine that’s fresh after a BF breakup and is looking forward to getting some penises. Is Jake excited to “work” with these smug eyes? Damn, yes he is, and he takes his time to find out all the erotic and whore details of Billy’s previous sexual conquests like how she started having sex at such a young age. How young Steve? Well in her words “not that young.” But we consider 14 years too young, as is most of the time
Fathers, to lose your virginity, my dear. But I’m sure all of your annoyances on the outside make it hard to listen, so we’ll keep going. “Have you slept a lot of guys?” asks Jake. “Laughter” and a big smile are all we get from Bailey and that means yes, and after dating her first BF for two years, she “kinda went off the rails” and everyone was lost. “It was a coping mechanism,” she admits. “Did you succeed?” Jake asked. “Yeah kinda…no no you didn’t.” But it was a hell of a fun-filled one, I bet. And what kind of sex does Billy like? “I love it all,” she said with a smile, as she began to undress in the car. This girl is sweet, sexy, and low on obnoxious rough sex the way we love it
She loves anal and eats ass, noting that they are two of her favorite things to do. Well, this scene doesn’t have any loyal fans but don’t worry about them. This rookie did anal and ate Cam’s butt at BackroomCastingCouch, so go check out the test scene there because today is all VAG day. One of the fun and interesting facts about ExCoGi is that we’ve never had a girl we’ve never had before, but at the same time the male talent did, and today was that day. Yes, Miss Sunshine almost made Jake
Cum during sex, before he wanted it, and that’s never happened to him before. Yes, we think Bailey’s pussy is very private and so are you because this is one of the most intense car and bedroom sex scenes we’ve filmed so far. So sit back and put on your sunglasses because the bright sunshine is shining in your vision now.
Enjoy Steve

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