Candice Demellza, Megan Venturi – Remembrance

Gorgeous girlfriends Candice Demellza and Megan Venturi are lying on their bed together, leafing through a photo album, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie “Remembrance” begins. As Candice chatters away, Megan’s hands wander, grabbing her sweetheart’s ass and kissing her, their playful embrace turning lustful. Peeling off Candice’s cute plaid panties, Megan strokes her shaved pussy, getting her wet before going down to lick her glistening folds. Candice moans with arousal, rubbing her clit as Megan fingerbangs her to a powerful orgasm. Now Candice undresses her lover, getting her out of her tight yoga pants and sliding a hand into her panties to caress her pussy. She soon has Megan naked, and thrusts two fingers into her juicy slot, the sticky sounds of her excitement mingling with her moans as she’s overwhelmed by an intense climax. Candice laps up the wetness, then straddles Megan’s pretty face and rides to another mindblowing orgasm.

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