Chloe Capri and Ryan Kelly – Wedding Venue Snafu

Ryan Kelly is getting ready to tie the knot and everything should be perfect. That’s why she and Chloe Capri, Ryan’s soon-to-be daughter, arrived excitedly to check out where Ryan had booked online for said wedding. With the various closures in the past year, booking online was the only way she could get a place… and she could only hope that the place she paid for the pictures looked like the pictures. I did it online! Ryan wanted chic and modern but the industrial setting is old and rundown instead. Ryan can’t even fathom where all the furniture in the photos online is because there is so little of it now. She’s visibly cheated, while Ryan is getting sadder, and her wedding day is definitely in jeopardy, Chloe does her best to placate her future stepmother. I started trying to look at the bright side of things, and make suggestions on how to use…the quirks… to their advantage. But nothing seems to calm Ryan, which prompts Chloe to start courting her. You see, even though Ryan was ready to marry Chloe’s parents, she and her soon-to-be daughter had some fun on the side. Although Ryan was initially reluctant to continue their relationship, she doesn’t have the ring on her finger yet, so what’s another slander? Maybe then she can clear her mind to tackle this mess of the entire place!

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