Christina Miller, Ron Jonny Fox – Paramedic helps teen get an erection

Nobody’s home, so Ron takes advantage of Jonny Fox to prepare for an epic jerk session! He gets porn, lotion, tissues, and ends up shooting the rope. the problem? His boner will not go! He tries to seal it in the fridge and submerge it in cold water, but no matter what happens, his mast stands tall. Four hours later, Ron called for help, and paramedic Christina Miller showed up. She puts on gloves, tries to stroke his penis, and then also stimulates the prostate. The boner won’t go away, so Christina tells Ron to lube her big boobs, and suck his penis. Christina sits on the teen’s face and licks her pussy until she ejaculates, then rides his cock opposite the cowgirl until he catches her! Ron is still not a soft person, he keeps having sex with Christina Remix, penetrating deep until he releases his last pregnancy on her face and boobs!

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