Dante Cole, Chloe Kay – Caught Passion Scene 2

Lily (Marissa Minx) really enjoyed her experience with another woman. You feel a little guilty about it, but Michael (Pierce Paris) knows exactly what you need. He asks her to wear a nice dress and trust him. Later that evening, Michael brings her to a secret club. Together they go down and look around. In the middle of the room they find a man (Dante Cole) and a young woman (Chloe Kay). The young couple begins to have sex without paying attention to them. Watching the two of them have passionate sex began to arouse Lily. Not only does Michael enjoy the show, but he pays close attention to Lily’s reaction. He slowly started kissing her neck and shoulder. Lily doesn’t hesitate, she enjoys every second of it. These beautiful couples are in front of her and that little stud behind her is making it difficult. Without hesitation, she pulls her penis out and begins masturbating, tasting every second of it.

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