Dixie Lynn, Ebony Mystery – Dixie Lynn and Ebony Mystic

Ebony and Dixie live in the same small apartment complex. Really more like a duplex. But the place has a small gym set up in the garage where girls can go about their business. Today Dixie comes over to see the sensual ebony queen in action. Damn, look at the size of this ass !! Whooo Wheeee. The dem titties! Good Christ. That bitch is a brick house. Now the blonde little white girl just gets her pussy wet and drenched looking at that sexy ass woman. And ebony – she prefers a little white girl pie. Seizing the opportunity to meet Little Dixie, Ebony instantly becomes hypersensitive, which brings the already boiled Dixies juices to a boil. Soon you fools are licked and fingers fly while the girls really get to know each other. Ebony is blasting a quart of squirt juice all over the gym floor because her pussy just needs something to fill up badly. Good thing she brought her gym bag stuffed with dildos to block the snatch. And when you have a belt in your bag – you know you mean business – Little Dixie quickly finds a tiny little pink hole full of a darker belt on a poker cervix. Fuck hard all over the gym equipment This little white girl in lesbian paradise because she gets some serious. Time to take the hit with the girls before some of the other tenants come. Hopefully nobody slips into the squirt juice.

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