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The 20-year-old, blonde, blue-eyed Alyssa loves to match her teeth to her nail polish, which sometimes means digging a hole and putting a diamond in it. This is a real commitment to looking good together, and we love girls who are committed to looking their best. With anyone less bubbly and sweet than Alyssa, something like this would be just plain petty and weird, but somehow this little bundle of energy gets away with it. Even when she refuses to masturbate for cams, we don’t immediately kick her out for disobedience. We give her a chance to redeem herself by sucking the salami of Vince’s magic pants (grade A+, she can’t beat her eye contact in POV shots…) and prove to us that she’s really into anal as much as she claimed. When our larger butt plug slips into its tiny hole, we knew it was right. You’ll love watching Alyssa’s face when Vince fucks her ass in different positions, she actually makes it deep inside her forbidden hole and doesn’t mind him fucking her ass either. Our guy shoots deep inside Alyssa’s ass, there’s no huge visual anal brunette going on, but hey, that widening asshole should be proof to you that our little anal lover really tried his best to push that semen out of her. Enjoy!

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