Fate Cruz A naughty schoolgirl Fate Cruz raises and fucks her teacher

A stunning blonde with gray eyes and luscious lips, Destiny Cruz teases her teacher, Ruby Echo, to hit her hard. She didn’t particularly wear any of his panties just that day to show how horny he was. The sight of Destiny’s skinny body is simply too much to resist. Ruby can’t help but get excited as fate dances in front of him. Unable to resist the urge anymore, the lucky professor washes Destiny’s body with passionate kisses before exploding to lick her wet pussy. Fate brings back the fun by giving Ruby a dirty blowjob. The raging duo then vigorously fuck each other in Standing, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, and Doggystyle. Ruby shows no signs of stopping. The pot tossed hard before it hit her face.

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