Gezebeth- My Arab wife suffered our marriage and she must be punished!

I do not understand this. After all the hard work I did. My wife, my beautiful Iranian wife is a disgrace to our marriage.

I brought her here from the Middle East. To cook, clean, give birth to strong sons and obedient daughters. To be a good wife. And at first I was happy. The house was clean. I ate well. We are building a family. But then when my working hours were cut … I started acting. In a way unworthy of an obedient wife, I thought I was married.

She caught her applying for jobs, including a job at an adult club! She said she wouldn’t dance to other men, just serve them drinks and intoxicating foods while dressed as a slut … if that makes it even better! She made sure she didn’t sleep well that night!

I caught her wearing makeup after work and saying that even she can look beautiful to me. As if she did not know that I feel that the woman in the hijab is the height of beauty. There is something you hide. And today … when I get home early I find out.

My wife …. my beautiful, chaste wife … she took pictures and videos of her and posted them online! Naked pictures and videos! Showing off what is my property to strangers! Show them what belongs to me!

she betrayed me. She suffered me. This country corrupted her and distorted her mind. I will correct it. You must learn a lesson. You should be punished.

If she wanted to act like a whore, I would treat her like one.

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