Gianna Gray, Prince Yahshua, Will Tile – Gianna Gray

Gianna and her husband Jordan have always wanted to take a trip to Hawaii, and Jordan was just waiting for that long-promised reward at work that never came true. Gianna, frustrated at not being able to speak for herself, realizes that a woman must do what a woman must do to get to Hawaii. She decided to surprise her husband at work wearing all his brains to solve this problem. When Jordan’s boss walks in and sees Gianna in his work clothes, he rushes to discuss the status of that bounty and shows him Gianna’s obvious steady cock what she needs to do. The boss blows all the calls she deserves at his cum too and she’s more than happy to take them right in front of Jordan to get what she wants. She loves their cocks so much and looks like she’s going with The Boss and VP to Hawaii instead, Jordan suddenly has a lot of work to do.

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