Gina Sativa, Halle Reid – eco-friendly

As Halle Reid opens her refrigerator and looks inside, her roommate Gina Sativa enters. Hayley greets her and has a short chat with Jenna about how the day is going so far. Jenna comments that she just watched a documentary about the amount of damage done to the environment. It made her worry about the future of the planet, but she didn’t know what to do about it. Haley suggests they start composting and also think of other ways to be more environmentally friendly. It’s a great idea, says Jenna, and when it’s her turn to cook, she’ll keep compostable leftovers, too. Haley says then that she will help Jenna after lunch to think of more ways to help the environment. Jenna enthusiastically delights Haley, hugs her a lot, and later that day, Haley and Jenna take some time to rest in the living room, after checking their house for old junk for recycling. Haley and Jenna’s commitment to the environment seems to have made their bond even stronger. Haley and Gina feel so dirty after going through all this trash, and they want to take a shower. As they try to decide who should take a bath first, they realize that they can save water if they take a bath together. They are both a bit shy as this is the first time they’ve ever seen each other naked, but they’re also a little energized upon seeing. There is a spark of increasing attraction between them, but they shake it off and try to focus on the task at hand. They get into a bathtub already full of water, and Haley and Gina struggle to wash themselves in the small space, so they have to help each other clean hard-to-reach spots, like their backs, which leads to their getting. More running. As they wash each other, their touches linger more and more, becoming more and more sensual as the attraction between them continues to grow. Finally, they can’t resist their mutual attraction anymore, and come together for an intense kiss. Being green can be both responsible and fun!

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