Hikari Kazami – Hikari Kazami Is A Dedicated Nurse

When you have a nurse like Hikari Kazami, you can be sure that you will get well pretty soon. Especially if she gives you her full body as a cure for your illnesses. In this movie you can watch her taking care of her new patient. She starts by sucking his cock in the bathroom, and after the guy got a hard on from her sensual touches. After she got her mouth fucked, the action moved to the bed, where the patiend started licking all of her body like she was the medicine he needed for healing. He kissed her neck, worshiped her boobies and licked her pussy from behind, making sure to run his tongue over her tight asshole in the process. And then it was time for her pussy to be entered. The guy drilled her from behind until she became cock hungry. She got fucked so hard that she started screaming, and after a session of wild drilling, the patient released his sperm inside her tight pussy. The white cum dripping out of her extra hairy bush looks amazing at the end of this video. I’m sure you’ll love every minute of this amazing nurse sex scene with Hikari Kazami.

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