Isabela De Laa, Claudia Bavel – Know Me Now

Cute brunettes Isabela De Laa and Claudia Bavel are on the bed, chatting animatedly, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie “Know Me Now” begins. Their body language is flirtatious, with playful Isabela reaching out to caress her girlfriend’s beautiful breasts through her clinging top. Ponytailed sweetie Claudia returns her kiss shyly at first, but it’s not long before both girls are topless and embracing passionately. Isabela sucks Claudia’s stiff nipples, then peels off her tight yoga pants and starts to lick her pussy. Claudia rocks her hips to ride the intense sensations, her moans rising in pitch and volume as Isabela rubs her puffy clit to make her orgasm. Giggling with pleasure, Claudia gets her lover naked, nuzzling her fluffy bush as she laps at her hot pink folds. She adds her fingers to drive Isabela to an overwhelming climax, her body wracked by peak after peak of bliss. Now Claudia straddles Isabela, riding her fingers to another orgasm before moving into scissors. They grind their wet pussies together sensually, clit to clit, until they climax in a simultaneous explosion of ecstasy.

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