Janelle Fennec, Cydel and Melanie Brooks – Domme In Dork’s Clothing – Part 2

Have you heard about the new girl in town? Sweetheart Janelle Vinic may have spent her formative years abroad, but now she’s back on this side of the Atlantic and is determined to become the most popular girl at her new college. Challenges emerge along the way, starting with Janelle’s stupid stance. However, the “cool” classmates stop giving shade when they taste the more exotic side of the girl. Janelle is a doom in jerk clothes, thirsty for fame and ruthless with her competitors.

In the second part, Janelle throws a pajama party at her house and invites her college rival in the hope of befriending her. Melanie has a hidden agenda. With the help of her best friend, she wants to lure Janelle to join the Alpha Gamma Gamma Club and plots a quirky start to humiliate her. Although she is blindfolded and lined up, the cunning Janelle has not said her last word. It conjures up the most outlandish plans to upset the power dynamics and teach Melanie a lesson she will never forget.

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