Jay Marie, Jesse Ferris, Sarisel, Kayla Coyote, Mill Green, Nastasya Celeste – The Golden State of Mind

This week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video is all about Playboy girls in California. Meet Nastasia Celeste, Mel Green, Jay Marie, Jessie, Kayla Coyote, and Sarissle as we highlight some of our favorite photos. First, get to know Sarissle, who hails from Inglewood. “I’m from Los Angeles — it’s busy and full of community,” she shares. “Community is what I love the most. I always feel at home, and I appreciate everything I’ve learned [here] Growing up.” Model and artist, Sarissle loves the creative process. “My passion is creativity,” she says, “I’ve found that when I create, and it allows me to connect with someone else, it makes me want to do it over and over again.” Next, he headed north of Los Angeles. To meet Mel Green, a San Francisco native. “I grew up in the Bay Area, love openness and exclusivity — it’s a group of strangers who love communication and creativity.” It wasn’t long before we met Mel declared herself one of them. Three qualities I can Use it to describe myself? Brilliant, foolish, and extroverted,” she laughs. “My passion is dancing and modeling – [these] Remind me of who I really am.” Learn more about all these ladies calling home California here on Playboy Plus.

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