Jessica Marie- Just turned 18 … the perfect age for BBC!

House friend Frank and I have been adorable for a minute. We became friends at school and then started working together on a small neighborhood “sourcing” business. It’s ok people. I’m over with his family too. Especially his little sister, Jessica.

I’ve been watching Jessica since we met. She had just come home in her school uniform while Frank and I were playing video games. Looks nice AF. I was looking at her for a long time and I lost the match to Frank. Every time she was around I was getting distracted. Frank once laughed saying it was his good luck charm because I always lost it when she was around. This is because I’ve been thinking about fuckin ‘your little sister, brother.

I was always watching her. She caught me a few times. And she looked at me many times. As if she knew the disturbing thoughts in my head. Like a little donkey was with her. Jailbait is real.

I’ve been trying to push their thoughts out of my head for the longest time her homie sister is young AF but I can’t. Night girl so cute fuqin. pretty brown eyes. Beautiful blonde hair. And she is only 5 feet tall. Humor and fun.

A girl that young and young …. You will have some ideas. About how pink it is. How tight. About whether her new tight teen pussy can take a big black dick.

For the longest time they were just thoughts. Forbidden imagination. But today …. things may change today. Coz im in the bout of Franks buddy home to give up somin …. and he’s not here. I was about to leave but then … his little sister got out. Tiny blonde Lil Jessica. Put on some colorful underwear on her teddy bear. The moment I saw her … my penis started getting hard.

This little girl is half naked … and her older brother Frank is not at home. No one was. Except me and Jessica. Then she and I talked … and she said the magic words. I just turned 18. My penis was already elusive … but hearing that … my sheay turned into a brick. I apologize to my girlfriend … but I will do it very badly for his little sister. I promise she’ll remember her first black penis.

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