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When you first see Jordan, you’ll probably think she was the sweet girl next door type of all-American, and somehow you’d be right. She’s blonde and cool, but this 23-year-old has another side too, the one that dumps her boyfriend so she can shoot some porn! Unlike a lot of our girls, she likes to be more sexually dominant. She’s not the type to be picked up at the bar because she’ll be the one you’re looking for. If you please her, she will take you home for good sex! With a big ass and gorgeous blue eyes, this blonde sex loves a hard cock deep in her tight pussy or even better, in her sexy mouth. In fact, taking a cock deep in her throat was something she wanted to do, but she didn’t quite understand. At least that was the case before our guy Cam caught her and told her what’s going on, or more specifically, what’s up! Jordan doesn’t have any toys because she says “I don’t need toys because I get a cock”. After Cam featured it on our set, toys are now back on the list for our sexy blonde. After I made her play the kitten, it was time to see how far she could take the meat of the great man, and to her astonishment, her reflex was up to the task and starved every inch. As it turns out she really liked it, so this time around you get a lot of amazing deep moves, you’re welcome! Her first specialty for this photoshoot was getting up close and personal with cam idiot for some great anal licking (don’t worry, she didn’t forget his cock while she was eating his ass). At the end of the day, Jordan really just wants a solid penis in a talented twat and that’s what she got. She has a few tricks of hers too and you can see Cam’s eyes retract as she grabs his penis with her awesome muscles, which is really impressive. All this results in a powerful climax and a huge load that is sprayed all over this beautiful face. Jordan wants more of the priority, especially if it involves another girl, so stay tuned, we think there’s more to come from this all-American beauty!

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