Jordi El Nino Paula, Aimee Amore, Sapphire LaPedra – Sofa Shop, Bucket & Mop

Sapphire Lapiedra is shopping for new furniture at Amy Amor’s store, and as we soon found out, Sapphire has a very special way to test out her potential new purchases! While Amy is at the computer looking at her stock, Sapphire grinds her cute ass and pussy on a clear table, wanting to make sure it’s sturdy and comfortable to squeeze in, of course! Enter Jordi, who can’t believe his eyes when he sees a gorgeous babe, and takes out the boobs and extrudes herself. He looks at Sapphire, and when Amy sees what her client wants, things get really wild as the two engage in lesbian sex. Jordi can’t contain himself, masturbating on the couch, until he gets caught by an angry and nerve-wracking shopkeeper! Amy and Sapphire pull him into an intense threesome, lubricate their boobs and smother Jordi’s face with them, and have sex with him in every way until they’re covered with his cum

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