Kaley Jacobs – Kaley Jacobs

You must like this combo, first timer and ambush, good times ahead! Kaley Jacobs is a little pack of energy and she’s super excited to be here. If there was an award for enthusiasm, then Kali would definitely have it. You have never made a scene before this one, so there are a lot of first things to witness and we’re more than happy to help! Although she wasn’t sure if she could say “damn” on camera (FYI, we don’t mind), Kaley loves sex, and loves it so much because she gets it every day and on days she can’t do it she takes care of herself. But for the girl who loves sex and has it every day, she definitely hasn’t had much, if any, mind-blowing, earth-shattering, sex fireworks. That changed the moment her BBC Isiah slipped into her tight little vagina, oh, there were fireworks just fine! She was so caught with his penis that she ate cum for the first time! No more medium burning for this girl. No. You have tasted the taste of little Jake’s arm from a rooster and the sweet taste of the flesh of the big man from Isiah and you will never return. Good for you, girl. I think her future looks very bright, so sit back and have fun with beginners Kali. Jake and Ischia are sure as hell did.

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