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At first glance, the 21-year-old Kenzi appears as a sweet girl with a wet figure and a dazzling smile. But when you look closely at her tattoos and pierced nipples (if you’re lucky!), you’ll see that this little vixen is actually a real sex dynamo! Yes, Kenzi loves sex and we love girls who love sex, so it’s a match made in heaven. She started early at the age of 14 after losing her virginity and it took a few more years before she was on a pole at a strip club. Kenzi is a bit of an opponent and has fantasies of being in an orgy and having men rushing at her, so it obviously makes sense that she came to us. Submissive by nature, she loves to please, especially when it comes to an older man. You see, Kenzi has a thing for parents and gets wet when they tell her what to do. Nothing makes her happier than when an older man takes hold of her and holds her in her place, which usually involves getting on her knees! Being a little girl made our lover Jake and his huge Dick look even bigger, which was good for her! No stranger to toys, she takes it straight with her favourite, which for branding reasons, we’ll just refer to as “the stick,” got her hot, teased, and ready to suck on some penises. For someone doing her first porn video, she has cock sucking skills and is definitely ready for prime time. She handles Jake’s man meat like a pro and takes it as deep as she can like a real soldier. Her tight little pussy gets a workout plus she gets a good pounding that maxes out what she can take. Jake filled it up so much that he had to hold back because it didn’t quite fit, but you can tell she was in love with him the whole time. So much so that she broke her all-time record for orgasm and came more than ever, so he must have been doing something right! Kenzi loves to get semen all over her breasts and face, as long as you don’t get semen in her eye. This wasn’t a problem though as it made him a vice face, the face wasn’t in the cards this time. Hell, even porn stars can’t always control their cumshots, so it’s good to know that they are human after all! The good news is we’re sure you’ll have no problem unleashing you after watching this sex cat give you all she has, and that’s a lot!

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