Kylie Quinn- It’s where Dick hits me

Past meets present today on HussiPass, as we paired the beautiful Kylie Quinn, who debuted here in 2016 as a 19-year-old rookie, with our newest stud, 18-year-old Damion Daisky. After the Johnny Robbins interview portion of the show, Kylie prepares for a “giant … I won’t explain” cock by a dildo banging herself with a huge rubber dong. Damion comes with some lube and gets Kylie’s massive whole body smooth and shiny as Kylie rotates her cute little butt, Damion slides his face down to savor her juices that he must love, because he gets back there right after she rolls and spreads for him. Kylie lies on her back and hangs her head from the sofa so Damion can have sex with her face from above. Kylie gets down on her knees so she can continue sucking and soiling on Damion’s uncut foot before giving him a slippery foot Kylie then jumping on top and taking an ALL of Damion gift 12 inches in her tiny slit. Then Damion makes sure his cock hits Kylie where she likes as he has sex with her pussy and side position. He pulls back and swallows Kylie’s tongue just as it should for a good girl. As always, we catch up with lovers in the bathroom to see how it goes … Until next time: Enjoy a safe and happy memorial day!

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