Marin Licourt, Gina, Keira, Genevieve Liberty, Brett Barletta – poolside hanging

Enjoy a day at the pool with Kyrah, Brett, Gina, Marine and Genevieve in this week’s Editor’s Choice Gallery and Video, as we highlight some of our favorite poolside photos. First, she floats out with Keira as she hangs out in San Francisco, California, with photographer, Sophia Sinclair. “I am artistic, spiritual, open and outgoing,” says Kira of herself. For Kyrah, posing naked is something that comes easy for her. She told us, “I feel comfortable, as if I am in my natural environment. A naked body is beautiful.” Next, he heads to Los Angeles, California, where Brett plunges into the set of the gigantic mansion pool with photographer Damon Lobel. “Something that people don’t know about me at first glance?” Brett laughs. “I think my pictures convey the image of a strong, serious and somewhat unearthly woman. However, when you get to know me, you’ll find I’m very simple and always talking about jokes. ”For Brett, modeling is her form of creative expression. She tells us,“ I love moving my body, and that’s why I’m a model. ”“ The feeling of my body is moving across. Space is the creation of art, it is my medium of expression. Sharing it with everyone not only inspires me, but I hope it inspires viewers to move thoughtfully through space as well. ”Spend some time with all of these models, right here on Playboy Plus!

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