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This week we have quite the treat for you! We’ve got Nadia – she’s sexy, shy and has a sincere “girl next door” vibe about her. Nadia just hiring college with a degree in accounting, but since no one is she’s looking for a career in porn instead. During the interview, she’s soft spoken… even a little hesitant. Slowly, she opens up and then reveals her promiscuous sexual history (apparently boating around the South of France is where people go to fuuuuck). So she’s not inexperienced with taking dick, which is a good thing for a potential porn star. After a little more getting to know her, we have her get naked to reveal her petite little frame and bubble butt. During the solo masturbation, she eagerly takes the butt plug and confesses to loving anal sex. Hearing her say this was when we knew it’s going to be a great casting. Next, Cam puts his cock in her mouth and gives her the business the way he does. She finally comes out of her shell when Cam fits his dick in her ass. Remember how I said she’s loves anal? Well, SHE. LOVES. LOVES. LOVES. ANAL. You’ve gotta see it to understand. When Cam finishes fucking her ass, he blasts her face with a monster sized load. Finally, just for funsies, I hand her a toy and have her play with herself until she cums one more time (with all that jizz just dripping off her face).

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