Natasha Ness and Nadia Noja – Secret Audio File

Nadia Noja uses the family’s laptop, trying to find a specific audio file. She’s having trouble finding it because the files on the computer were reorganized by her stepmother, Natasha Ness. Nadia searches Natasha’s folders on her laptop to see if the missing file is somewhere. Instead, she found a sexy lesbian audiobook, which surprised her because she thought Natasha was straight. You become more turned on, and you decide to go somewhere more comfortable to listen to the rest. She carries her laptop into her bedroom and locks the door, so she can masturbate while listening to the audiobook on her headphones. Meanwhile, Natasha enters the house, Nadia calls out that she has come home from work early. When Natasha does not hear back, she opens the door to Nadia’s room, and is shocked to see Nadia masturbate. Natasha asks Nadia what she’s doing, and Nadia responds with a question of her own by asking Natasha why she has such a sexy Lesbian audiobook! She wanted to try to be with a woman, but was too shy to take the next step. Still inspired by the erotic audiobook, Nadia offers to be Natasha’s first sexual experience with a woman. Natasha is hesitant at first but Nadia convinces her and they start kissing. Once they get comfortable with it, they move on to touching each other’s beautiful bodies and tasting each other’s pussy. Audiobooks are great, but sometimes hands-on experience is the best teacher!

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