Nikki Hill, Maxmilian Dior – Love Is Around Us

Stunning blonde Nikki Hill takes Maxmilian Dior’s hand and places it on her silky thigh, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Love Is Around Us” begins. They undress each other as they kiss hungrily, Max peeling off his sweetheart’s panties and stroking her puffy nipples as he licks her shaved pussy until she’s squirming with pleasure. Thrusting his stiff cock into her in missionary, he fucks her slowly and sensuously, gazing into her eyes as he makes her moan and gasp. He picks up the pace, rubbing her clit as he drives her to boiling point. They switch to spoons, moving together passionately, before Nikki sucks her own sweetness from Max’s thick shaft. Straddling him in cowgirl, she rides to a powerful orgasm and then jerks out his creamy load, their intense connection unmistakeable.

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