Odette – Odette in slow detection

Come on adventure as we slowly reveal newcomer Odette in this exciting appearance from photographer Tina Louise. Odette floats obscurely in Los Angeles, California, wearing a black dress and gold mask. Turning to music, we get to know the woman and artist “Behind the Curtain”. What makes me ‘me’? ” In the daytime [giving off] Marina Abramovic sways, but just pick me up at night, and you get a mix of Annie Oakley and Brigitte Bardot,” she says. “My passion is to explore my creative and sexual energy.” Putting Playboy has been a goal in the business for many years for Odette.” I first discovered Playboy is at my grandparents’ house—they were huge fans,” she shares. “I am so grateful for this opportunity.” With a notable following on social media, Odette hopes new fans will enjoy the art she created here with her producer and photographer.” The day of filming was awesome. I loved working with Tina,” she says of her experience. “I hope you like my photos and videos as much as I do.” Let Odette know how you feel in the comments, and stay tuned for more, here on Playboy Plus.

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