Paris White, Bobby Adore – Paris White

Bobby is chilling in the park one day when he notices a jogger with a problem with her feet. That white girl with a sexy ass looks like she’s hit her foot somehow. Heading over, Bobby asks if she’s okay. She explains that her foot is killing her from running. Being a trainer himself and having a degree of experience in kinesiology, Bobby points out that a deep tissue foot massage can be the treatment you need. In fact, he is offering to give her one. Like any self-respecting white girl when she has the chance to go home with a stranger she just met in the park, she jumps at the chance. Back in his bed, we find her “swinging” and “humiliating” his massage technique as he makes her foot feel comfortable. He’s really good at working with the feet and they obviously get him busy because she notices the hardening of the swelling in his pants. He starts sucking her toes and she realizes she needs something to suck on too. Do you risk it? Do you go for gold? Damn right I did. Paris starts rubbing his penis with her foot and quickly takes it out and into her mouth where it really belongs. Bobby fucks her feet like a pussy and quickly takes the pussy. Delivering a good feeling and wet pussy feeling, Paris is having the time of her life. Now this works. Foot geek Poppy uses the arches of her feet to give him the momentum he needs to pump a large amount of sperm onto her feet. Afterall, what is a foot massage without lotion?

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