Potro de Bilbao, Sapphire La Piedra – Peeping roommate gets lucky

Sapphire has a beautiful shower on its own, so you think. Her roommate keeps spying on her. We can’t blame him. This girl is perfect. Beautiful face, huge boobs, amazing booty, and a perfect body. Total fucking dime. She caught him while she was naked and trying to leave the room. He pulls his penis and begins to masturbate. At first she was nervous, but then noticed the size of his penis, and her mouth basically started drooling. She knows she wants to taste it. She starts giving him an amazing blowjob before he has sex with her perfect breast. She eats his ass like it’s dinner time and then they start having hard sex in multiple positions. This girl is obsessed, she loves everything. She is slapped, slapped, and strangled until she leaves several orgasms throughout his penis. It releases a huge load and it speeds up everything.

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