Remy Jones – Remy Jones

Do we have a treat for everyone today! Meet the innocent sweet 18 year old? Super fucking hot Lez- Lovers Remi Jones (VIRGIN) and her 18 year old friend Hazel Heart. Where do I start? Before I do that, let me just make it clear that today is Remy’s day. The introduction of the car and the gender is edited to focus on Remy. If you want to see more of Hazel’s burn, you need to see her scene coming out after Remi’s. And it’s worth it, believe me. Now that I’ve made that clear, let me say these two girls are some of the best geeks I’ve ever met and Dick Jay was hard as soon as they got into the car. We found out that they met 3 years ago in the costume industry and their friendship grew into love. I love this story and the sentences don’t come any fresher than these two. They even have untrimmed pussy and peach fuzz all over their bodies. Innocent and hot peach fuzz. Yes… that’s what I’m talking about. So we found out that Hazel was the initiator of the relationship and had a sex drive that I don’t think Jay or myself have experienced in a long time. This girl seems frustratedly starving for a rooster. why? Well, they live in Hazel’s parents’ house. How innocent is this? They also share a bedroom with her younger sister! Oh my God! How innocent is this really? And yes, you still walk them lying down!!! My penis is getting hard as I write this shit. I couldn’t think of a better story. So, while Jay is going out with these first and second timers in order to have the best sex of their lives, he’s getting these two naked in one of the most exciting BTS films to date at ExCoGi. Yes, I know some will be frustrated that the majority of Hazel has been edited, but today’s focus is on Who? The person in the back seat who has never touched, sucked, held, fucked or tasted a man’s penis or cum before. Yes Remy a virgin! Now we find out that Hazel and her have fucked with a strapon before but Remy takes this big leap of faith with her friend to expand her horizons. And let me say that Jay should pay me for this experience. No doubt and Jay sampled these two newbies for some hot car and outdoor sex after she saw Remy and touched her, hit her and sucked her first penis ever! Now once I edited that scene there was so much damn good content (worth 3 hours) that I’m splitting my remy scene into two parts. Today is the introduction of the car with her friend and sex in the hotel. This alone is 1hr 58m as the damn virginity lost sex and BTS, makeup with interview, showering for over an hour a few days after this scene. There are too many goodies here to leave anything behind on the cutting room floor. As Jay mentioned “I wasn’t expecting you to suck the penis that well”. I agree to this! I would say this girl just needed a good cock to suck on and a little attention from boys to show her how a hard cock feels about her pussy but she found out that day. Remy admits that she had a few friends in the past growing up but they didn’t show any interest. Their loss I say because this girl is normal. I guess all this pussy licking translates to cock sucking because she took Jay’s dick down her throat like a pro. She loves being dominated by girls, so Jay finds out if she loves being dominated by a guy too. Yes! She loved it from the smiles all over her face as Jay practiced shaving her, and once he sounded that pristine hole, she loved it even more. Let me also point out that Remy has worn a belt over her from Hazel but in her own words loves cock better. “It feels better with real skin.” Dildos hurt more than advertised Remy and we agree nothing compares to the real thing I can give you a slam dunk but with every one Jay has practiced inside her, you can tell Remy was a little overwhelmed. But in a good way. We don’t blame you, sweetheart. Losing your virginity is a special time in a girl’s life and we’re glad we could be the one to take it from you. Oh and of course we kept it to get 3 ways with Hazel. These girls are special, cute and I’m not sure your perverted annoyances are worth this but get ready for a special treat. Here is Remy!

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