Ricky, Penelope Cum – Watch Over Me

Gorgeous brunette Penelope Cum is enjoying a quiet moment alone when her partner Ricky disturbs her peace by switching on the television. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Watch Over Me” begins, they bicker playfully, and Ricky makes amends by giving his vivacious Spanish sweetheart an adoring kiss. They are soon in a passionate embrace, hands roaming hungrily. Ricky pulls off Penelope’s bra and caresses her perky breasts as she grabs his belt buckle and frees his rock-hard cock from his jeans. He peels off her bun-hugging yoga pants and eats her shaved pussy voraciously, making her moan and squirm with arousal. Desperate to feel him inside her, Penelope guides Ricky’s erection into her wet slot and he fucks her with powerful thrusts of his hips. She hooks a leg over his shoulder so he can press even deeper, driving her wild. After an intense orgasm, Penelope switches to riding her man in cowgirl, her sexy ass bouncing in his lap as she has one mind-blowing climax after another. Breathless, the lovers cling together as they reach a final peak of pleasure, then cuddle through the afterglow as Ricky’s cum seeps from Penelope’s drenched pussy.

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