Roxy Lips – Slutty Cop Roxy Lips DP’d by partners after breaking theft GP2014

After a steamy masturbation session in the bathroom, policewoman Roxy Lips emerges from her bathroom to find her home burgled. Being the good cop, she immediately found her gun and used it to detain the masked man who was looting her house. It wasn’t long before the man’s hands were tied and her fellow policemen were in her apartment to help her curb the robber. As one of her partners takes the thief to another room, Roxy—still naked with her bathroom—begins to blow her partner Willie into the center of her living room. It doesn’t take long for the partner in the other room to hear what’s going on and join the fun. After absorbing both of them, Roxy gets a DP and then allows the two men to empty their balls into her mouth.

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