Sandy 5 – Shaved head without saddle

Ladyboy Sandy wears a pink hoodie and stockings with her headdress over her short hair. She spins, tosses a hoodie and invites POV to join her on the bed. He sits next to her and feeds her his firm penis while she lies on her back. She slips out of her white panties and sucks on them even more. Then, they bored together and pulled out a POV anal game for Sandy to play with.

Sandy stimulates her ass pussy with the toy while on her back and then next to her. Then the POV lies on the floor and Sandy rides the naked cowgirl and reverses the cowgirl. Then she lubricates it and presses her dick into his ass. After that, they are sixty-nine for a moment. Then the POV fires its payload on top of it. Sandy shakes and shoots her sperm as she sucks his penis.

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