Scarlett May, Will Pounder – Wife Swap Charts – Scarlett May and Will Pounder

Will Pounder on the phone with his friend Jack. Will and Jack arrange for a one-night wife swap, and Will makes sure Jack doesn’t hold back, Jack is a little hesitant, worried that they’ll have trouble talking to his wife, Scarlett May, about it. He will assure him that once he is on his own with Scarlett, he will have no problem getting the deal done. Will tells Jack that they will all meet at his rented house on the beach and go from there. Later, Will and Jack and their wives return to the beach house after a nice dinner. Will winks to Jack, who offers an excuse to leave the room with Will’s wife. Left alone, Will and Scarlett chat. He will quickly begin to gently touch on the topic of swinging, a lifestyle that he and his wife share. Scarlett appears to be infatuated as she realizes Will and Jack brought them there for a swap. Obviously, she is drawn to Will, so in the end, she loves it. Scarlett undresses and reveals her perfect taut body, and it looks like the deal is over after all!

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