Sophia Sweet – Sophia Sweet

Do you like car sex? Jake asked about Sophia Sweet’s exploit this week. “It’s my least favorite” This sexy 21-year-old with a damn perfect body admitted to being naked in the car for her viewing pleasure. This has changed, by the way. Car sex is her new favorite. So, as the beginning of this video shows, Sophia was ambushed the day before and boy was a big surprise to Jake and me. This girl came out of the park for a home tour with Isiah’s BBC as a veteran fuck star. So it’s understandable why Jake is so intense, and I mean, so excited to be working with this girl today because she can have sex. So we found out that Little Mrs. Sweet is a swipe right
The type of girl who finds all her relationships on Tinder. But I can guarantee you that after this weekend of being properly attacked by Jake & Isiah, her Tinder days are numbered. In her own words, this was by far the best “hands off yourselves” experience and sex I’ve ever had and I agree. This sex is hot and intense. The girl is flexible and can spin like a gymnast doing a floor exercise on Jake’s dick, doing splits and putting her body in poses like a Summer Olympic. We present to you 10 perfect girls. She even banged Jake so hard today that she came off her hip during
last place. Oh! You know you did some hard fucking when your hip comes out of his socket. But she’s fine thank God and you’ll feel fine too after seeing how beautiful Sophia is with a dick in her and hot this scene. We just love this girl and she will like it, so sit back and satisfy your sweet tooth with Sofia. She is a guard.

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