Susan F. – Czech brunette striptease to high heels, part 1

Brown eyes, brown hair, a warm face, and extra long legs fitted with high heels are a great recipe for eyeball pleasure when we take a look at Czech solo girlfriend Susan in her videos and photos. Stretching across the living room sofa, she raises her skirt when she begins to undress, showing us her white panties from different angles.

Then Suzanne stands up and gets down to her underwear, and we see a gorgeous curvy node in her warm underpants. Her bra kicks off and we enjoy watching her delicious 34A little boobs, and then when the lean drops below we resort to her plump peach from a trimmed pussy.

Squatting on the floor opposite the sofa, Susan cuts her pink petals with her polished nails, giving us a nice yawn. Then she stands up and divorces her cheeks so we can see her delicious fool, in preparation for her doggy style she offers us as she kneels on the sofa when she’s not so busy lying on her back and spreading that pink kitten even more!

Be here next week for Part 2!

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