The Hottest Lesbian Pornstars of 2021

Who doesn’t love some girl-on-girl action? Everyone loves it, right! And that’s one of the many reasons why lesbian porn is one of the hottest genres in the adult industry, and lesbian pornstars are extremely popular! This videos are often made for the ladies as “lesbian” is one of the most searched keywords by women around the world, but they are just as popular among guys because we just love watching hot girls do hot things to each other. If you too love seeing hot girl-on-girl scenes, then you must know about the best lesbian pornstars right now. There are literally hundreds of them, but I have made it easy for you by picking out the very best!

I personally love watching lesbian videos and I make sure to watch them in full HD so that I can enjoy each and every frame of the video. The videos are shot quite differently than boy/girl scenes and contains more sensual elements like kissing, cuddling and caressing, rather than all the hardcore and rough stuff that you normally see. There are a lot of pornstars who do lesbian scenes but only a few of them do lesbian porn exclusively. Most of the girls are bisexual and this list features both of them. Also, I tried featuring only those girls who are still actively doing porn, but you might find a few fan-favorites in there even though they aren’t exactly as active! So, let’s just get started with the list.

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Hottest Lesbian Pornstars of 2021

33. Cherie Deville

cherie deville

Cherie Deville is one of the most popular pornstars right now, and for all the right reasons. She is really gorgeous, her body is absolutely perfect and she’s a MILF who is experienced enough in the art of sex and lovemaking. Ever since she started doing porn, she has performed in all kinds of scenes, fucked all kinds of people and released enough content to last a lifetime worth of masturbation. She loves choking on cocks, but Cherie has paired with younger girls and mature babes to give us hundreds of scenes that are packed with erotic girl-on-girl action!

32. Abigail Mac

abigail mac

Abigail Mac has always given the best performances, no matter who she is working with, and her videos are so good that they have earned her several award nominations. She may be one of the girls who likes hardcore and raw sex, but she’s also happens to have an addiction of licking cunts clean. She has fingered, licked and sucked on more pussies than you can count, and she is still on the lookout for the newer starlets so that she can dominate them and show them what it’s like being with a girl!

31. Skylar Snow

skylar snow

Gorgeous girls with voluptuous bodies will always be in demand because people from all over the world have a desire to be with a girl with the kind of body that Skylar Snow possesses! Her body might be one of the reasons why she is so famous, but it’s also her intense drive to have hardcore sex that makes her a subject of fantasy for men and women. But she is also one of the top lesbian pornstars at the moment as she is capable of using her fingers, her tongue and her toys to give her partners intense orgasms that leave them squirting uncontrollably!

30. Kira Noir

kira noir

Kira Noir is one of the starlets who is known for her love for anal sex, which means that she is often cast in boy/girl scenes where her partners pound her asshole without mercy and stretch it beyond its limits. But anal is not the only category she excels in because this ebony goddess is a fan of pushing limits and experimenting with new kinks and fetishes all the time. This is the reason why she often does scenes with fellow female performers where she’s either getting dominated or using her trusty strap-on dildos to dominate her partners and wrecking their pussies!

29. Chloe Cherry

chloe cherry

There are several stunning teenagers in the industry right now, with Chloe Cherry being one of the best and most active ones! This starlet has been shooting porn regularly and she has worked with almost all the top porn studios and fucked the most popular talents in the industry. Being blessed with a petite body and adorable looks, she’s almost always the submissive partner, even in her girl-on-girl scenes. She is mostly paired with a mature performer who takes her time in licking her cunt or sitting on her face before the real action begins and the two end up squirting all over each other!

28. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

Being a fan of Adriana Chechik means that you love watching hardcore porn like gangbang scenes, anal, interracial and double-penetration scenes, as well as blowjobs and deepthroats, and even creampies. Even though she is more popular for her intense sex scenes, she also has an ever-growing lesbian filmography which is just as awesome as her hardcore content. Adriana brings a kinky element in her lesbian scenes to give us the kind of content that isn’t exactly possible with other lesbian pornstars; and she’s actually really good at making women scream in pleasure!

27. Jade Baker

jade baker

Jade Baker is one of the best lesbian pornstars at the moment, and one of the few girls who exclusively performes with fellow female starlets. She hasn’t fucked a dick ever since her debut, at least not on camera. Her perfect figure, her gorgeous tits and her incredible ass are loved by her adoring fans, and she makes sure to flaunt them all every chance she gets. Her scenes are also pretty epic as watching her partners play with those all-natural tits, suck on her perfect nipples and tease her dripping pussy is always a sight to behold!

26. Vanna Bardot

vanna bardot

This cute pornstar may look shy and innocent at first, but that’s far from the truth because she is a ferocious beast when it comes to sex, and has a growing list of fetishes and kinks she wants to explore. Being a teenager, Vanna Bardot loves it when older women goes down on her and hits all the right spots, but she also loves taking control and play the dominating role to show her partners just how skilled she is; and it’s quite believable to watch this petite babe being the one in charge and fucking the curvy MILFs with passion!

25. Cory Chase

cory chase

It’s safe to say that Cory Chase fucks more people in a month than you or I would fuck in our entire lifetime. It makes perfect sense because she is one of the best MILF pornstars and no one in their right mind would say no to get their hands on that stunning body of hers. She may be well-known for her love for big hard cocks, but she is also a huge fan of young girls and their delicious tits and dripping pussies. Pair her with an new starlet or an experienced performer, and she will show you all those of things that made me consider her among the top lesbian pornstars of the year!

24. Sabina Rouge

sabina rouge

I personally think that Sabina Rouge is a total stunner, someone who could’ve chosen to be a highly successful glamour model. But I am really glad that she decided to become a pornstar instead because people like me get that heavenly body of hers whenever we want. She is one of the exclusive lesbian pornstars who only fucks girls on-screen, and she is really skilled at it. She is also a total knockout who is blessed with a perfectly petite figure, an adorable yet sexy face, and her tits are literal perfection with her nipples erect enough that anyone can suck on them and bite them to give Sabina the kind of sexual satisfaction she always craves!

23. Silvia Saige

silvia saige

Ever since I started watching videos featuring Silvia Saige, I have noticed that she has maintained a healthy balance between scenes where she dominates her younger partners and the scenes where she is barely able to keep up with her partner who makes her his own personal sex toy. And then there are also an abundant number of lesbian scenes she has done, and most of them feature her being the “mommy” in the scene and dominating the cute starlet she is paired with! She may love drinking cunt juices, but she’s more interested in sitting on her partner’s face and having them lick her pussy.

22. Gia Derza

gia derza

Gia Derza might not be one of those lesbian pornstars who exclusively perform girl/girl scenes, but she is not inferior them when it comes to giving high-quality performances. In fact, her scenes are way hotter and way more erotic than what most other lesbian girls put out! This gorgeous teenager is blessed with one of the hottest figures in the industry – she has a beautiful face, perky natural tits and a big round juicy ass. She has always been a slut, so it’s no wonder that she will immediately pounce on a girl who catches her attention, seduce her within minutes and take her to bed where she’ll show just how good she is at making women cum!

21. Kenzie Taylor

kenzie taylor

This right here is one of my personal favorites and the kind of lady that I hope to have in my life! Kenzie Taylor is the epitome of what a woman should be like, in my opinion. She always looks graceful, she has the body of a goddess and her smile and her personality are beyond perfection. On the flip side, she’s a ferocious sexual beast who will do anything for your sexual satisfaction, and there’s no kink or fetish that she won’t be open to trying. So, when I saw her in a lesbian scene, I was hooked because watching her suck on another girl’s big titties is somehow way hotter than seeing her deepthroating big fat cocks!

20. Emma Hix

emma hix

Emma Hix may look like a petite girl-next-door, but she is a total slut who’s not only a fan of hardcore anal action but also capable of taking multiple cocks at once. And after having fucked guys who gave her intense orgasms, this Canadian babe learned the skills of how to make women cum. Now she does lesbian scenes quite often where she shows off just how good she is at making her partners cum using just her fingers and her tongue. And if you give her a few sex toys, her partners will be on cloud nine thanks to all the orgasms that Emma will bestow upon them!

19. Penny Pax

penny pax

Natural tits, a buxom body and a gorgeous face make up for a deadly combination and when you add fiery red hair to the mix, it makes the girl physically irresistible. Penny Pax is that girl! This slut is particularly fond of all kinds of porn, including hardcore anal and erotic lesbian scenes. I may love watching cocks going up her tight asshole, but I also love watching her getting her cunt licked by a fellow performer while she plays with her all-natural boobies. Her innate submissive nature makes her a prime candidate to be dominated by her partners, and that’s exactly what happens in most of her scenes!

18. Lily Larimar

lily larimar

Petite girls are always going to be a subject of fantasy for those who love to dominate their partners in bed, and when you see a girl like Lily Larimar, you immediately start fantasizing about all the naughty things you would do with her. She is one of the newcomers in the industry but she has shown incredible skills to prove she is here to play all kinds of roles, fuck all kinds of people and try out all kinds of scenes. And other than the hardcore genre, I love watching her in a girls-only scenes because she truly loves pairing up with fellow cuties and having some kinky and friendly fun with them!

17. Lauren Phillips

lauren phillips

This redhead vixen has been one of the sexiest girls in the industry for a long time, and with the kind of scenes she does, she is going to stay at the top for years to come! While Lauren Phillips might not be one of the exclusive lesbian pornstars, as she sucks a ton of dicks, she actually deserves to be on this list because she’s transforms into a dominatrix whenever there’s another girl in the scene. Being blessed with a tall stature, she is capable of bringing other girls on their knees and using their tongues to satisfy her own sexual cravings. And then, she whips out a strap-on dildo and the real action begins!

16. April O’Neil

april o'neil

April O’Neil is one of my favorite lesbian pornstars of all time! I love going back and watching some of her best scenes while also keeping an eye out on her newer stuff. She is beautiful but she also looks really cute with her glasses on, and her voluptuous body with her big natural titties is enough to make men and women weak in their knees. She used to perform several boy/girl scenes early on in her career, but now she’s more focused on the gorgeous female body and taste-tasting the mouth, the pussy, the tits and the ass of her stunning partners!

15. Demi Sutra

demi sutra

You might have seen Demi Sutra trying to deepthroat big cocks in most of her scenes, but she is just as good when she’s doing lesbian scenes. She is more of a versatile performer instead of an exclusive lesbian starlet because this stunner loves exploring different genres of porn. But Demi is one of the few starlets who actually love having sex with women because she never seems out of place no matter which girl she is paired with. She loves seducing and dominating younger girls, and she loves being submissive and being dominated by MILFs, and that is what makes her deserving to be on this list!

14. Scarlett Sage

scarlett sage

Scarlett Sage is one of the cuties on this list who started doing porn at the tender age of 19. She definitely looks like an innocent teenager who knows nothing about sex, but in reality she is a sexual beast who is quite open about her carnal cravings and loves experimenting with her partners in bed. She is also one of the lesbian pornstars who only perform with other girls; she uses toys in her scenes but there are no real dicks involved whatsoever. She did perform boy/girl scenes in the beginning of her career, but now she’s all about that wet cunt and I am not one to complain!

13. Jenna Sativa

jenna sativa

When we talk about the best lesbian pornstars, there’s no way anyone would forget Jenna Sativa who happens to be one of the most popular faces in this genre. This Latina starlet is blessed with angelic looks, she has a perfect figure and her natural tits and her round ass are just stunning. Her porn career is filled with one sexy scene after another, and the fact that we can watch her being dominated by some of the sexiest women in the world whenever we want is like a dream come true!

12. Kenna James

kenna james

Kenna James is one of my favorite pornstars of all time; she’s cute, she’s adorable and she absolutely loves having sex. The blonde bombshell was born and raised in the United States and she figured out she was attracted to women at quite an early age. This is why she her do a ton of girl-on-girl scenes, but she’s also bisexual so she pays equal attention to the throbbing cocks in her vicinity as well. She recently got a boob-job and I frankly love her new tits since they her petite body perfectly, and they alleviate her sluttiness and make her porn scenes much more erotic!

11. Emily Willis

emily willis

It didn’t take long for Emily Willis to take the adult industry by storm; she became a big name within just a few months of her debut and with only a few dozen scenes. And right now, she’s a temptress who is in a league of her own! She’s got an all-natural body, cute little titties, a tight and perky ass, and she’s filled to the brim with sexual energy. Although she loves getting her tiny pussy and her tight asshole wrecked by monster cocks, she also craves for erotic lesbian sex. She is a great performer and despite her petite build, it’s really believable when she takes control and fucks her female partners into submission.

10. Ryan Keely

ryan keely

Ryan Keely is a performer who is always keen on exploring all the genres of porn, so it’s only natural for me to include her among the top lesbian pornstars too! If you present her with a big fat dick on a muscular dude, she’ll immediately start servicing it in hopes of a big load of cum, and if you present her with a young dude, she will use her Amazonian figure to dominate him completely and make him her own sex slave. The same thing happens when she’s paired with female starlets as this short-haired slut will sit on her partner’s face and smother them if they don’t lick her clit well enough and do exactly as she says!

9. Shyla Jennings

shyla jennings

Shyla Jennings is one of the best lesbian pornstars of all time without a doubt and also one of the cutest! Being an exclusive girl-on-girl performer has given this brunette pornstar the chance to fuck all kinds of hot babes, from teenagers to MILFs, and she’s enjoyed every minute of it. She has more than a decade worth of experience and thanks to that, she always delivers content that is worth jerking off to. She can be dominating in a scene and she can be submissive too, it just depends on who her partner is!

8. Dee Williams

dee williams

Dee Williams is a fetish performer who’s popularly known for her hardcore BDSM shoots, but there’s also a softer side to her which makes her crave for erotic sex with gorgeous women. You may be able to fit a giant dick in her pussy and her asshole at the same time, and stuff her mouth with another dick, and she’ll be the happiest slut ever. But she also want a gorgeous babe playing with her humongous titties with another cutie between her legs, with her tongue out and ready to lick her MILF pussy clean in order to make her the happiest and the most sexually satisfied person in the room!

7. Rachael Cavalli

rachael cavalli

Rachael Cavalli looks absolutely ravishing because she has a really seductive face, a perfect body, and big fake titties so good that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. She is really good at riding a dick till it unloads all the cum inside her pussy, but I absolutely love watching her lesbian porn videos too. She’s a tall starlet who is experienced enough to be in control and teach the younglings a thing or two about satisfying a ravenous MILF like her in bed!

6. Aidra Fox

aidra fox

Aidra Fox is without a doubt one of the hottest pornstars to ever work in the adult industry. And it’s not just her looks that have given her the popularity that she enjoys but also her performances that are better than the best. She is sensuous and erotic, but she is also pretty accepting when it comes to a rough and hardcore pounding. And the facial expressions of hers while she’s getting her cunt licked, or her boobs played with, or her nipples sucked are just divine. So pairing her with an equally hot starlet is the recipe for making guys like me cum within seconds!

5. Jayden Cole

jayden cole

After writing this article, I have come to a conclusion that lesbian pornstars who only fuck girls are all insanely hot, and Jayden Cole is another proof of that! The gorgeous redhead has fucked more women in her decade long career than you or I ever could in our entire lifetime, and she’s given intense orgasms to all the women who’ve shared her bed. She’s highly skilled in the art of lovemaking and can make girls explode by fingering them, licking them, kissing them or getting on top of them for a long session of sensuous tribbing.

4. Alina Lopez

alina lopez

Ever since this seductress made her porn debut, she has managed to give us some of the best content ever. Not one of her videos is boring and her performance in each of them is so good that it leaves you begging for more by the end. Alina Lopez is versatile as she can make men cum and women squirt with little effort, but I personally think she’s more adept at lesbian sex. Her female partners always praise her oral skills and her kissing skills, and the fact that she has a really long tongue helps her penetrate her partners’ holes deeper than others and give them the kind of oral stimulation that no one can!

3. Serene Siren

serene siren

Serene Siren is the ultimate babe to watch if you want the best lesbian content ever because her presence alone makes her videos worth watching! It doesn’t matter who her partner is, she can be a teenager or a MILF or an experienced performer or a novice, Serene will take charge of things and make it so that people watching the video have a good time. She is a fabulous performer and a fan-favorite and her sex skills leave little to be desired. Plus she looks absolutely stunning and her gorgeous body is flexible enough to have sex in a multitude of sexual positions!

2. Charlotte Stokely

charlotte stokely

Charlotte Stokely may have started her porn career doing hardcore boy/girl scenes where she made deepthroating big cocks look like a piece of cake, but she is now one of the exclusive lesbian pornstars and only performs in girl/girl scenes. Although I love watching an adorable babe being choked by giant cocks, I think that Charlotte was made to make women cum. Just have a look at some of her videos and you’ll understand that she has mastered the art of giving her partners explosive orgasms. It also helps that this American stunner still looks like a youngster and is brimming with sexual energy that makes her scenes even more erotic!

1. Sinn Sage

sinn sage

Originally I hadn’t added Sinn Sage to this article because I haven’t watched her scenes, but my audience told me about her and I checked her out and ended up giving her the top spot in this list. Sinn Sage is pornstar par excellence, someone who is really passionate about making her partners cum. She does suck dicks occasionally, but she mostly performs in girl/girl scenes. And she is a kinky slut who loves BDSM, domination, spanking, hair-pulling, using sex toys and all, and you can find her using her skills to fuck her partners into submission and making them scream with pleasure!

Who Are Your Favorite Lesbian Pornstars?

Porn industry is packed with thousands of stunners, with tens of hundreds of them making their debut each month. So, it’s possible that I didn’t add a few pornstars in this list because they might have debuted after the list went live. But, I am going to keep the list updated, so if you think that your favorite lesbian pornstars deserve to be on this list, then do drop your comments below.

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