Top 16: Pornstars With Ocean Blue Eyes (2021)

The eyes are the window to the soul, or so the old saying goes. I’m not sure about it, but what we do know for sure is that every part of a beautiful woman’s body is meant for enjoyment and adoration. He loves a lot of men Redhead pornstars, while others can’t get enough of small tits or whatever.

Thanks to the constant influx of new sluts who want to make some money, you have the luxury of variety. Not many people are interested in features like eyes and we salute you for being different. We have posts about boobs, ass, etc. However, this time there is a top blue eyed pornstars on the list, and we’ve got some sexy smoking girls to show you. Check them out below.

#16 Blue Angel

blue angel blue eyes

It’s hard to see her eyes in this shot, but we couldn’t find anything better. Considering her buttocks gives an amazing spectacle. The arched back adds a few extra points while microscopic boobs give us a limp penis soon. Where Blue Angel rescues his dying Bonnet… Of course, blue eyes.

For young children, this is one of the hottest. Sometimes you just have to accept the reality of natural beauty. sucks.

#15 Madison Ivy

Is it cheating to include an alluring slut who was born and raised in Munich and is already on everyone’s mind? It’s like asking for ’90s TV supermodels and choosing Pamela Anderson. Everyone already knows her and if including Madison was a wise decision, you are free to tell us.

Perhaps in a small corner of the universe there is a single man who has no idea of ​​the greatest archetypes of all. Or someone has just gone online and has no idea how everything works.

#14 Kira Queen

Kira Queen Blue Eyes

Choosing between Lana and Kira Queen is always difficult, so we recommend that you enjoy both. As for this blue-eyed star, she is a Russian brunette with stunning soul mirrors. This is also our personal favourite. Can you even recognize her by the photo?

Well, that’s because you’re missing her amazing ass and a bunch of big natural boobs with big, puffy nipples. Keira makes us lick our lips and we want to suck on her boobs. So far, I’ve worked for her Many porn studios, including our favourites.

Our list of the hottest blue-eyed pornstars will raise your heart rate. Now we want to know what you think of your favorite sluts.

#13 Misha Cross

Misha through blue eyes

Polish porn star Misha Kross has Slavic blood running through her veins. It’s no surprise, then, that she has a set of beautiful bluish eyes. Other than that, this skinny little minx has an amazing body with a small chest and lots of talent.

He had been training all his life in hardcore sodomy and anal. Check out this slut on

#12 Sophie Dee

Sophie de blue eyes

These are some huge boobs. I mean the blue eyes on Sophie Dee aka Mary Beth. It’s hard to focus and concentrate when you meet such a luscious blonde BBW. But we pick some dick in the throat as you look into her stunning eyes as a compromise.

For some, she’s the absolute pornstar and we also want more. Enjoy this goddess And never look back.

#11 Anika Albrit

Annika Albrit Blue Eyes

Anyone who has a picky penis and needs to watch a top-notch blue-eyed porn star can always count on Anikka Albrite. There is nothing fake about this slender blonde and her ass is one of the best in the business.

If you’re not in beta, stream her videos full of cock rides and more. Anikka also enjoys rocking her bare booty, grooming, or yelling her head out. All from a deep and hard anal round. All of this is available on free porn sites like 0 $ PornHub Premium.

#10 Eva Parker

Eva Parker Blue Eyes

Matching her anal plug with blue eye color, Eva Parker is a gorgeous brunette porn star. No matter her gorgeous backside or other features, it’s the icy eyes that always take center stage. It’s like an HDR photo with brightness levels set to a million.

There is hardly a better, sexier prostitute than Eva. Have you already fallen in love? If so, join the waiting list as there are many of us. Even fake crystals couldn’t match her natural beautiful eyes. Many of her best videos are on

#9 Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie Blue Eyes

Who has blue eyes and is known all over the world? You don’t even need to read her name because it’s ingrained in your mind! You may forget your birthday, family members, and first love as you get older, but not the name of this braided porn star.

If we talk about the oceans, this actress will be deep. The eyes are dark blue, like the farthest places below. Who knows what’s in there…maybe a lot of fallen condoms and pets with dead goldfish.

#8 Malina Morgan

Malina Morgan Blue Eyes

Malina Morgan is as weird as she is beautiful. This blue-eyed porn actress is a girl after our heart. Maybe it’s a combination of blue and gray? This woman loves to stick her nose in ass and camel in steamy lesbian scenes. She has made Asa Akira, Dani Daniels, and a few other celebrity babies moan very happily using her tongue.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself

#7 Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean Blue Eyes

Born in Budapest, Alita Ocean is an unforgettable prostitute. Its last name already tells you about the depths of the sea and other mesmerizing sights.

Aletta is a plastic surgeon’s wet dream thanks to rhinoplasty, lip implants, and breast augmentation. But you can’t knock her down for her stunning blue eyes, round butt, and life-changing tongue skills. She’s made her way to the top, but she also doesn’t mind accompanying fans if she gets the money. Watch her videos on

#6 Kayden Kross

Kayden Bros. Blue Eyes

The 32-year-old blonde Kayden Kross was badly flogged shortly after marrying her husband, Manuel Ferrara. While he’s holding the penis, Kayden is allowed to do one-on-one and girl-on-girl scenes.

What a shame, it seems that his husband is no longer confident in those skills. Anyway, she’s smitten with D and hits like a villain. But she’s been in the business for 12 years now, so there’s a lot to see. Videos of taking a penis to his ass, down his throat, inside her slippery wet snatch, etc.

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#5 AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate Blue Eyes

If you find yourself searching a lot for blue eyes with blonde hair porn, here is a suggestion. Skip the line and focus on AJ Applegate who is among the cute pornstars. She’s short at 5″2″ but she makes up for it with a big butt and a boundless appetite for sex.

The most memorable scenes can be seen from this blue-eyed star

#4 Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes Blue Eyes

Creepy brown cavern, flabby torpedo boobs, pointy nipples, the benefits keep piling up. Jessa Rhodes has a casual porn look and seems to be your infamous girlfriend that everyone loves, including your dad.

There is nothing else to be said about this exciting product since you have already streamed dozens of videos. She has blue eyes and is one of the best fucks. It’s clear why we’ve included it here. The sexy ladies are back and Jessa rides in front of them all.

#3 Nicole Annenstone

Nicole Aniston Blue Eyes

The smallest of all butts and one of the most incredible faces we’ve ever seen. She’s such a sexy porn star that eye color doesn’t matter. You just finished downloading another video from I run circles around my table out of excitement.

Nicole is a beautiful porn star and a cool person outside of the adult industry. Oh man, this sexy “fuck me now” look is perfect. No flaws with this slut.

#2 Crystal Boyd

Crystal Boyd Blue Eyes

Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with Boyd Crystals. Starting at the age of 18, this skinny porn With blue eyes shining in one breathtaking scene after another.

She can get deep, rough, and sloppy, but her charming videos and “amateur Russian teen” are what we love best. find it on Although by now you must know it’s her favorite studio.

#1 Lana Rhodes

Lana Rhodes Blue Eyes

By default, blondes are high on everyone’s list of girls who have sex. However, once you see a brunette with blue eyes, Lana Rhodes, you’ll think differently. It pierces your skin and goes straight into the cum buckets.

A young woman of just 28, normal, curvy and just begging for sex makes her one of the hottest new porn stars on the scene. See more of Lana on

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