Top 20: Hot and Sexy Pornstars Born in 1996 (2021)

Just like good wine, there are pornstars with a good vintage heritage that a porn connoisseur shouldn’t miss. In this article, we will introduce you to the gorgeous porn stars who were born in 1996. Some of them may be unfamiliar, and some may already be your favourite. However, they all look amazing.

Putting them in the top 10 will be a very difficult task, so we ask you to vote. Feel free to browse for others Top 100 Lists In Porn.

Do these women have special personality traits? Do you believe in the signs of the zodiac as well as the animals assigned to the Chinese calendar? As it turned out, 1996 was the year of the Rat. Not exactly the sexiest animal out there… Maybe these hoes are even better?

#21 Gwen Stark

Gwen Stark 1996

I read somewhere that redheads are becoming less common these days and could become extinct in the future. I think you can call Gwen Stark one of the most attractive dinosaurs alive at that time. Wide pussy lips have no problems swallowing semen, bitch behavior and red hair.

You won’t find her Top 10 RealityKings or Brazzers Pornstars, so if you want to watch her…go with $0 Premium PornHub.

#20 Sadie Bob

Sadie Bob 1996

Latina Sadie Pop may not be the oldest prostitute on our site, but she is definitely one of the youngest pornstars. This cute pie real spinner She’s 4’11” and has a pair of small boobs that make her look barely 18.

We can’t think of a better chick to help anyone fulfill their cravings for teenage mini porn, and banish dirty cravings. Among the best sites to find this amazing singer.

#19 Meadows’ Past

Barely fit in the schedule, Maddie was born just after Christmas, on December 27, 1996. She’s the “oldest” porn star of this category as if that meant anything. We saw her first lesbian attempts in 2015 with Kirsten Price as well as Kleio Valentien. Contrary to my past, these have not taken a break and are now big stars.

On the other hand, the meadowsweet again started licking their pussies in 2021 and is trying to re-establish itself as a mainstay.

#18 Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor 1996 pornstars

Stop that pussy with your new cunt slipping between them. Accumulating nearly 100 million views on PornHub, Zoey Taylor claims to be into guys and girls even though the viewer paints a different picture. Either she likes women more or something is fishy. In the end, I would say that in about 90% of all downloads, Zoe licks her clitoris rather than sucking on the penis.

Well, good for her! More power for lesbians, especially if it helps performance.

#17 Lily Ryder

Lily Rider 1996

Well, Lily Ryder is “not my favorite” here and that’s due to the pure and simple look. The breasts are small, which is exciting to some and that’s okay. Then the boring white underwear and the clear, buttery face.

If given the chance, I’d choose any of the other 14 pornstars from 1996, but it’s not that bad. Lily’s lesbian scenes are decent, if not focused on them.

#16 Halle Reid

Halle Reid 1996

If you want a beautiful blonde porn star to dump your blue balls, we suggest Haley Reed. This sassy ombre hairstyle is also known as Amy Mae. The silky-soft body keeps us up at night, and her sights are on our list of favourites.

We’ve seen Haley step up a deepthroat game, play a lesbian schoolgirl, and share cocks with her stepmother. Many videos and galleries can be found at

#15 Jenna J Fox

Jenna J Fox 1996

Among young black pornstars, no one excites us more than Gina J. Fawkes. Calling us these 34D natural boobs, she doesn’t look like any skinny girls on this list.

So far, we’ve seen her in a master class pussy licking with MILFs, scissors, lesbian wrestling, and, of course, devouring rods. The place for this ebony slut is

#14 Annie Aurora

Anny Aurora 1996 pornstars

Although there are some lame watermarks in the upper right corner, the gallery’s origins come from Brazzers. By now, you must be aware of our epic deals etc. So, instead, let’s focus on Annie Aurora. This is the second feature on EroHut and for good reason.

Annie is a beautiful teen porn star who hasn’t changed much over the course of a few years. Adult craftsmanship has helped tame the rough edges and turn them into a shiny diamond.

#13 Adria Ray

Adria Rae 1996 pornstars

It’s as if we fall in love with Adria, every time we see her. Universally loved by critics, viewers, and the rest of the internet. It has many great scenes on HardX, a free bonus site

He looks like an 18 year old porn star and that’s pretty impressive. He doesn’t seem to have bad habits, a wide smile, and great little butt features too. Come on fans, let’s show Adria some love!

#12 Kyra Nicole

Kira Nicole 1996

One of Keira’s less fortunate picks, but we have to use it due to some content rules. It almost has a masculine quality to it here, but the videos don’t have any of those issues. So who is this blonde? She is Kira Nicole, a porn star born in 1996 who has a beautiful pair of boobs.

No matter how many times we write about pussy, breasts, or ass, it’s always a huge run. This is no exception.

#11 Lisa Rowe

Lisa Rowe 1996

If cute bitches excite you, Lisa Rowe will give you a hard time. Judging by her videos, she knows what to do with bulging cocks. But that’s only the beginning because this little guy born in 1996 is swinging both ways. In other words, he loves to chew the pussy, too.

Lisa is a multifunctional woman with a small and dainty breast, a silky little ass, and a boundless appetite for sex; Whether it’s rough, interracial or lesbian. Look at this slut acting crazy

#10 Nina North

Nina North 1996

All it takes is one dirty look, and before you know it, Nina North is already fondling your penis. She starts out strong and then feeds her a nice tit. This normal baby, born in 1996, has a delicious pink pussy, plump boobs, and a face you want to deep throat.

Nina, like many of her peers, has tried just about everything: glory holes, interracial sex, anal fucking, and fucking. You can enjoy high-quality scenes on

#9 Jocelyn Kelly

Joslin Kelly 1996

Access the worlds of virtual reality porn using VRBangers.comJocelyn Kelly is an amazing teen porn star. A rare ’90s shovel that you can wield, roughly just stick the phone near your nose.

A red schoolgirl costume, an arrogant smile, and spoiled hair. We had some trouble falling out of love after having sex with Jocelyn in VR. Her little butt is here to stay, at least we hope so. All around, a cute teen porn star with some gingerbread qualities.

#8 Billy Brook

Billy Brook 1996

Look at that little ass! It is perfection. If there was one place we wanted to be, it would be behind it! With our face buried in Billy Brook’s little butterfly pussy. This blonde teen star hit the scene just a couple of years ago and has been busy ever since.

Bailey Brooke aka Mikalia Stebbins will give you coarse, raw, and slow-cooking depending on what you like. Watch more of this 1996-born star on

#7 Naomi Woods

Naomi Woods 1996

Our personal and serious favourite, what amazing. There’s no doubt that Naomi Woods is among the hottest young pornstars out there, and you don’t have to ask why. The blonde princess shoots straight and lesbian scenes.

We’ve seen her licked by Lily Rader, tapped by Jmac’s giant dick, and seduced by MILF Cherry Deville. Be it sexual or sensual content or bad scenes, It is the site of deep action balls.

Anyway, this was our pick of the hottest born pornstars on the 1996 list. If you’re a fan of teen pornstars as well as amateurs, check it out Our Teen Porn Sites List.

#6 Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore 1996

As a desirable porn star born in 1996, Melissa spent the latter part of her life doing entertainment. The body does not look fit in any way and still young, but at least you have a decent face. Having a small nose helps a lot, and trained lips also look great.

I think it would look better in clothes. He just needs to go to the gym and burn that part of the fat. The best place to burn calories is Through escort sites very. We hope Melissa listens and does what we say.

#5 Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde 1996

More popular than half Hot Teen Pornstars Here, Lucy Wilde has a middle part worth bragging about. Moving away from her face, which I would say is 6/10, we meet epic breasts. These lustful and cuddly bunnies are perfect in every way.

I’m not sure why the majority of pornstars showed up in 1996, but these sluts need to step up their game. Appearance fades after all and having a terrible body does no service.

#4 Megan Rain

Megan Rain 1996

No children here to warm you. We start right away with a little brunette bombshell named Megan Ryan. Her other nickname is Keanna Coleman, and she quickly turned into one of the top porn stars in the field.

At 5″1″, this bitch is skinny and petite at the same time. Although that didn’t stop her from filming some very special scenes. The best place to find Megan videos is

#3 Lana Rhodes

Lana Rhodes 1996

One of the fiercest Hottest and most famous Porn from 1996, Lana Rhodes. Why is this bitch so lucky and the others not so much? Just look at it. She has the holy grail of blue eyes, brown hair, and a great ass.

Best of all, Lana is great at keeping your dirty little secrets, and will have sex with you even if you get married. After following this teen closely, we know what to expect. Nice set of big cocks, black and white, in her tight teen pussy, ass, and down her throat. Get a free Lana tasting with $0 Premium PornHub.

#2 Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean 1996 Pornstars

What is the awful opposite of God? Elsa Jean. The evil, bleached-haired, petite pornstar. Coming directly from the session with, her pussy is still numb from hard work…if you know what I mean (wink, wink).

Pamper her, play with her, cuddle her, or feed her weird things like cucumbers. There is no denying that Jen looks better with this hairstyle. Brunette colors do not suit her face.

#1 Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams 1996 pornstars

Don’t shy away from Ashley because of her preferences. You might like a black dick more than the rest, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Size matters to this pornstar, and when it comes to favorite sexual positions, doggy style is where Adams swings the most.

Born in 1996 and raised in the United States, she is not relatively new to pornography. What I’m trying to say is that there is a lot of experience inside those minds.

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