Top 20: Legal Pornstars Born in 1999 (2021)

You have to love porn and all the new faces that stream into the adult industry every year. As the saying goes, you grow up, but these Teen Sluts Stay the same age. What would you do if we didn’t have rude young pornstars who want to have their brains blown in front of the camera?

Well, one thing is for sure. Our editors will never be able to make the top 10 porn stars born in 1999. So here’s another generation of teenage stars and plenty to come. This is an area where they gain some experience but don’t look too shabby. A kind of middle ground between 18-year-old college students and moms about to be in their 30s. Without a later date, let me ask you! are you ready?

#21 Alice Anderson

Alice Anderson 1999

With a tapered butt and barely legal, Alyce is a stunning porn star who saw the light of day in 1999. Over 40 different scenes piled on 0 $ PornHub Premium Alone, this looks promising.

Originally from Los Angeles, Alice Anderson has been sucking on a white dude’s roosters and doing some solo scenes as well. As for other specifications, your typical teen porn star weight is 112 pounds and your height is 5’3″.

#20 Casey Ballerini

Casey Ballerini 1999

Damn, don’t fool Casey Ballerini. She’s 18 years old but she’s already got big black cocks. 1999 Busty, cute, and weird little boy. You can see the beautiful ass of this blonde in action with fantasy incest movies, interracial cuckolding, lesbian massage, and penis demolition.

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#19 Alia Brin

Alia Brin 1999 pornstars

So you’ve seen fat sluts and now it’s just the opposite. With her pale white skin, petite figure and her “all you can eat” pussy, she looks like a tough competition. The face is the worst part, at least in this gallery, but there are many ways to fix that.

From makeup to turning off the lights or just hitting it from behind. Not the prettiest porn star, but the mentioned features make up for it.

#18 Chloe Capri

A small breasted German model recently participated in a threesome with Danny’s tongue and a white brick cock, to be followed by more movies. Within a couple of years, a pizza delivery prostitute (yes, that was her job before) has gone from a brunette with a hairy pussy to a hot secretary to a dark blonde with everything shaved.

Khloe’s latest makeover shows her as bright platinum blonde as my blow-drying liquid. What is interesting is that with each new performance, her clips receive fewer and fewer views. And no, it’s getting thinner, not uglier.

#17 Maria Banks

Maria Banks 1999

After Being Pounded In The Back Of A Bang Bus, This Pigeon Babe Curious Pussy First In A Threesome And Let Her big bubble butt Jiggle With Wild Cock Riding. Even better, Maria loves rough and fast sex, so there is no doubt that this bitch will make her way into BDSM porn someday.

Take your pick from the top 10 porn stars born in 1999 and let it loose. We enjoyed days with these barely legal kids. You can’t go wrong wherever you start.

#16 Paisley Ray

Paisley Ray 1999

Yes, this option does not remain inside the dish. We don’t know if a redheaded teen like Paisley Ray is vegan, but she definitely loves those vegetables. She weighs 99 pounds, has a small chest and a tight little ass.

Among Paisley’s works, you can find videos on When comparing all the pornstars born in 1999, there is no one we would like to see more than Paisley.

#15 Zara Brooks

Zara Brooks 1999

Flexible, small, and cute, Zara Brooks melts our hearts and makes multiple sacrifices. This 4’12 inch porn teen can be seen teasing solo and nude, banging in thigh-high stockings, and polishing a big sweaty challange.

A specific site cannot be recommended for this bitch, but in the meantime, check out our pornstars from 2000 and 2001.

#14 Anastasia Knight

Anastasia Knight 1999

Aren’t you tired of little blondes who love to jump on a boner? me too. This cute “fuck me” look and small tits has dedicated her pristine little body to porn. Anastasia stars in a variety of scenes that include BDSM, masturbation, and group sex.

Can you miss the chance to get a little bomb like her? success currently.

#13 Heather Harris

Heather Harris 1999

Heather Harris is a young, slim porn star, born in 1999 who comes from Hungary. She’s been doing porn for over a year and has produced some of the sexiest scenes

Right now, this skinny teen loves slow, passionate sex, but who knows what the future holds. You can see Heather’s boss banging on it with Jordi El Nino, then manipulating him and playing him in the buff.

#12 Rivers Damage

Danny Rivers 1999

The sign of a real slut is if a black dick will make her head down and swing. When it comes to Danni Rivers, they pass this test with flying colors and firework cumshots.

Another young girl has a small breast that you can spot on She has tons of interracial videos, schoolgirl BDSM sex scenes, and threesomes with the best so far.

#11 Jules Gotti

Jules Guti 1999

Here comes a huge slut that has since expired and gone to the top in adult business. Hopefully Julz Gotti is still alive and kicking off in real life, whatever the real name is. Only a few scenes complete and nothing spectacular. However, if the 1999 pornstars and specifically from Florida give you a huge bonus, here you go.

He looks like a thick porn star but only weighs 129 lbs or 59 kg.

#10 Olivia Ness

Olivia Ness 1999

Unrelated to Olive Garden, here’s a cute slut from the era of pornstars born in 1999. When you get tired of all skinny chickenFeel free to roll your eyes around the flirtatious pornstar, Olivia Ness.

This anti-obese teen has some meat on the bone and blows her brains in all kinds of scenes. Although he’s cute and relatively busty, we still like this girl’s sexy ass. Find Olivia on

#9 River Fox

River Fox 1999

After filming multiple scenes on, River Fox is one of the hottest pornstars and he’s also a pervert.

Taking it in the ass, accepting the chaotic fate of the cream, then repeating it all over. Stunning eyes and a constantly changing look. She used to be a brunette, then she became a blonde, and from what we can tell, the river is now a nice shade of brown.

#8 Anna Blaze

Anna Blaise 1999 Pornstars

What is the chubby porn star on our list doing? Well, not everyone goes for skinny, petite, or random blonde bimbos. Among those you can cuddle with is Anna Blaise. It may not mean much but it is one of the most successful in its class.

Despite her buttery face and oddly shaped boobs, she gets views and plenty of comments. You might be able to ignore the fat rolls, but oh Jesus Christ, those leg tattoos are rubbish.

#7 Scarlett Scandal

Scarlett 1999 porn scandal

Despite the interesting last name, Scarlett did nothing unusual or scandalous. Despite this, she looks great for a neat nickname, making her look more than just a bag of meat. The brown tanned body, wild appearance, and features that differ from many other sluts.

She was also born in 1999 and found her true mission in life which is the genitals. It can suck balls, pussies, loafers, and big black units.

#6 Veena Sky

Fina Sky 1999

The age of this star was a little on the short side. Vina Sky didn’t even last two years and wasn’t sure if there was a full year on the clock. With just over a dozen sightings, I’m not sure if it’s worth looking for this Asian, probably just for educational reasons… You can see how this scoop goes from excited to dead on the inside; All within a few months.

Stay in school, gentlemen, and instead, to watch all these videos, visit any of them paid porn sites.

#5 Darcy Lee

Darcy Lee 1999

Well, don’t stop because of us, Darcy Lee. This girl ticks all the boxes for most porn lovers. She is young, beautiful, and has a nice pair of boobs that we love to play with. Darcy was born in Hungary, and has a few other similar names.

If it’s as exciting for you as it is for us, start with the famous defloration video Then, choose from many threesomes or hot sexy videos. Of all the pornstars born in 1999, she might have the most scenes.

#4 Savannah Six

Savannah Sex 1999 Pornstars

With my breasts gentle touching the sheets, I’d like to swap places with any of the objects in this photo. Doggystyle is one of my favorite sex positions, and it’s all about the view. You can appreciate the ass, stick to the breast if it’s not as small as a grape, and pin it to the butt.

Savannah was born in the summer of 1999 which made her diagnosed with cancer. He claims to be a full Caucasian but we have some doubts. He currently lives in California and works from there.

#3 Lia Silver

Liya Silver 1999 pornstars

Women like Liya really look slutty and this is due to the piercing of the nose. This is the world we live in, and although everyone claims that such actions will destroy her future life, the opposite is true. Perhaps it was the star-like appearance that made her sign with the big studios. They are all running 0 $ PornHub Premium, by the way.

Feminine faces and small facial features are the main selling points. You just want to treat it rough.

#2 Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz 1999 pornstars

There aren’t many 1999-era pornstars they actually work with Let this sink in as you consider which of the 20 pussies to choose.

You’ve already worked with the best-rated names in the industry and reaped the rewards. Not only in the form of fame and an increase in views, but an experience as well. It only takes a few sessions to learn the ropes of sex when you’re working with the experts.

#1 Amelia Onyx

Amelia Onyx 1999

Hey, what can we say? We love them plump, and Amelia Onyx is a plump goddess. The brunette teen has a sweet set of twins and a manicured pussy that a hot-blooded man can’t resist. As a busy bumblebee, the 1999 hottie has managed to make multiple and exciting scenes in just one year. Fun fact, that’s it Just hairy porn from this year.

Whether you love downloading lesbian teens, seeing deep cocks, or always riding hard cocks, Amilia has something for everyone. The go-to site for teen porn is still the same,

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