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You saw real-life teenage twins Joey and Sami on ExCoGi and now you can see them again, with all their awkwardness and unpreparedness — except for amplification, because both girls are going to suck and have sex with a huge black guy today. They just don’t know it yet.

Our white camera guy Troy loves to make the ladies think that filming will be like their first scene, which happened with ExCoGi just a day or two ago. It makes them take a bubble bath, use vibrators on themselves while sitting next to each other, and tries to at least bring out what looks like fun. The twins are here primarily to get paid, and there’s no bone in that. They seem weird for being so close to each other but hey, they should both fit into the camera frame, right? At least that’s an argument for Troy. It’s true but of course, we all also want to see two twin sisters close to each other. It’s just hot, even if they don’t do anything to each other.

After a shower, the sisters relax on the couch, sucking on color-coded lollipops to match their color-coded lollipops because the cam troy loves this kind of thing, plus it makes her think we’re all about to make things look “nice sexy.” Well, we are not. We want to see two hot twin sisters take turns sucking and licking a dick, and that’s exactly what happens – but not in the way they thought. Girls don’t realize that Troy isn’t the lucky guy they’re enjoying in front of the camera today only when the big black porn god Jovan walks in on them, and the girls still use vibrators on themselves. girls reaction? Just as you can imagine. It’s a mixture of disbelief, embarrassment, and yes excitement. At only 19 years old, Sammy and Joey haven’t had many different men in their lives yet. So that huge black man sitting between them now becomes the focus of their curiosity. There comes a moment when we think the whole thing is going to fall apart and the twins might come out. But curiosity (and possibly money) wins in the end and the sisters accept the challenge to suck their first big black dick. Troy asks who the sisters think is the best cock sucker, and Sammy points out Joey. Well it’s a challenge, let’s see if we can take the two girls to the same level of rooster worship for this.

This might be one of Jovan’s best displays of control to date, but the twins are so clueless about camera awareness and “performance” (aka keeping legs and bodies where they need to be so we can see their teeny little pussy having sex properly), we should That leaves Troy trends a little more than usual. Troy hates his voice, and he hates it when directors talk during sex scenes, so he usually adjusts his directions and things like that, but with these sisters, that’s not always possible. Anyway, the twins take turns sucking Jovan’s big black cock and we can’t tell which one is better. Maybe Joey, actually. Jovan seems to think so when he asks Troy but our black master is at a loss for words – he’s having sex with his teenage twin sisters today!

After getting doggy style fucked on the couch, we all realize that Dick Govan is a lot bigger than any of the sisters have ever seen. It’s time to move things to a bigger, lighter, more comfortable and bigger play area – the bedroom. Things really heat up when Govan takes turns enjoying the mouths of the twin sisters (Joey even gives him a rimjob!) and their tight little pussies. He moves from one girl to another and makes them go in and out of his penis as he pleases. Originally the girls agreed to do anal, but that was before they found out that today’s fuck session would be with a big black monster penis. Since it barely fits in their little pussy, anal sex is unfortunately difficult for the two girls today. So they go with more pussy fucking and dick sucking. And Troy tells the girls that they need to come up with something particularly dirty for the cumshot, because they both come out of the anus. There are some really amazing shots of it all, notably the dog (you’ll see), but perhaps nothing beats the end. This was really Sami’s idea, but here it is: The girls are laying on top of each other. Jovan fucks Sammy’s pussy, with eccentric Joey under her sister. Govan dumps the cum inside Sammy and lets it flow back from her pussy to her sister’s thighs. He puts his penis covered in semen into Joey (the one below) now and gives her some pumps until he’s totally done. So hot and such a huge shift, Jovan is already managing nearly the impossible—spend a second within a minute, this time inside an amazing Joey.

With both sisters impregnated, and Vice Jovan in and around both pussies, we could have left her there. One would think that girls who are about to shoot some porn scenes for the first time would be interested in taking contraceptives…but no. It turns out that neither sister was willing to take semen into her womb. Oooh!

Since this happens a lot with these young girls, Troy doesn’t want BA fans to think this is bullshit, so he records the weary sisters taking emergency contraception – before he cuts their pay for being too unprepared for porn. Lesson learned, girls? Mostly not.

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