Tyler Nixon, Paige Owens – Together

Naked beauty Paige Owens steps into the bathtub, surrounded by candles, as guest director Matthew Carlton’s erotic movie “Together” begins. Tyler Nixon arrives at the house with a bouquet of roses, grinning in anticipation as he finds a note on the door telling him to go upstairs. The lovers greet each other with a sweet kiss, moving to the bedroom where Tyler lavishes attention on Paige’s lovely breasts, then goes down to eat her pussy until she’s moaning blissfully. Quivering with arousal, Paige rolls over so Tyler can lick her tight asshole too, driving her to boiling point. She frees his cock from his pants and sucks it sensuously, her lips sliding up and down on the thick shaft as she slurps it deep. Tyler fucks her mouth, then thrusts into her tight pussy in spoons, the sticky sounds of penetration mingling with her cries of pleasure. They slam together vigorously, Paige’s fingers on her clit to intensify the powerful sensations. Switching to doggy, Tyler drills Paige hard and fast, before changing to missionary so they can look into each other’s eyes as her orgasm overwhelms her. He cums over her quivering pussy, kissing her tenderly through the afterglow.

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