Tyler Steel, Serena Skye – Serena Knows How To Clean Dick

Serena Skye was hired to clean Tyler’s house. Strangely he was filming her while she was cleaning. He claimed it was for the owner. And the owner would also offer her $100 if she would clean naked. Serena first declined but $100 was a lot of money these days. Cleaning is cleaning. So she took the money, took off the top and started to scrub the kitchen. Her tits were bouncing back and forth with her movements. He offered her $200 more if she would clean naked. She refused. She would not do that. How about a compromise? What if she just pulls her pants down a little? That worked. Her pants went below her ass and exposed her pussy nicely every time she would bend over. Obviously Tyler made her clean lots of bend over things. That made him horny enough. He took out his dick and started to masturbate. When Serena saw this she dropped her broom. He offered her another $1300 to release his tension. She sucked his dick, she looked beautiful doing it. Then she climbed on top of him, later they fucked doggy and missionary. Tyler came all over her face.

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