Viola – Puff on those

The stunning Viola, nicknamed Annabelle, greets us in a well appointed room, perfectly suited to her green-eyed charm. Wearing a shiny black bra and open-bottom black belt, Viola pets a cigar in her 34D slit, then sets aside lucky tobacco as she shoots watermelons from her wrapper to dazzle our eyes with her huge, pale nipples!

Viola leans back on an elegant chair, batting her fingertips with her tomato-red-trimmed fingertips even as her handles bring pie. She undoes the laces on her belt, then bends forward to give us side views as she looks over her shoulder to see, probably, if we’re crazily rambling!! (we!!)

Once we’re freed from the shackles of a bra and belt, our graceful Latvian beauty takes on a bullet-red vibrator with a long fringe at the end, a fringe she plays between her knockers like a tiny stream. She whips her bells lightly with the fringe, then settles for some pie hack with her tool giving us more pie views, especially a great one where it’s upside down on a chair.

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