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Willow, 22, is one of the very few college graduates we’ve ever sat on the sofa. You’d think that would make it a more interesting conversation partner, with witty returns and veiled sexual references or humorous tales about life in general, but you’d be wrong. They obviously hand out a score to anyone with a pulse at SDSU. Or without it, as Willow’s case seems to be. Well, she’s not that calm but she doesn’t have that porn energy, that’s for sure. As a self-proclaimed social justice fighter, it’s surprising that her little ass is sitting here today. Porn generally doesn’t rank high on the to-do list for people who think everything is wrong and unfair with the world except for them. But then again, she loves communicating with strangers using this particular dating app and considers three times with couples one of the most enjoyable moments of her life. So maybe you’ll do well in the jazz world after all. But wait – there are butt things. Or rather, its absence. That’s a hard “no” there, so we’ve put our nonprofit in additional positions to ensure producers get a broad enough view of her sexual talents. Oh, and despite her pleas not to, we ask her to take Mr. Vince’s semen inside her, even though it’s not in her birth control. Since she hasn’t had anal sex, we told her she really needs to show she’s willing to go that extra mile if she wants these jobs. You know, adult modeling jobs that pay $1,000 to $5,000 a day and don’t have sex? Yes, this is still a thing and yes, they still fall in love with it.

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