Xander Corvus, Massey Guide – Hole in the Wall

Massey Guide on a very boring first date. This random idiot goes out of its way to flirt, seduce, and talk, but he’s nothing but unwanted opinions, obnoxious advances, and just a mundane thing … gross. Who would complain about Masi’s large boobs being so free and brilliant ?! She runs to the bathroom to text her friends for any excuse and finds something that has a lot more personality than that date – a hole in the wall. She quickly presses her round butt against the stall as hard as she can, moaning as a stranger’s cock slides in and out to wash away the bad taste of this bitter date. The sex gets more wild as they move around the bathroom – bend over the sink, moan until everyone hears – until Maisie is finally satisfied with her night. She returned to her date covered in another man’s vice president, and yes, we think she’ll just take the check!

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