Zazie Skymm, Rebecca Volpetti, and Tiffany Tatum – Naughty Sleep Party: Pillow Fight!

Tiffany Tatum’s parents are away from their honeymoon, so she and her friends Zazie Skaim and Rebecca Volpetti are alone for their sleepover party. And what do three wild teens do when Mom and Dad are gone? Pillow brawl of course! The girls laugh and scream with delight as they hit each other’s tight bodies with pillows. Tiffany thinks she’s got a field advantage, but Zazie’s speed and Rebecca’s stamina give Tiffany a run for her money! The fight ends and the girls collapse on each other in a hot cuddle pool as they drop pillows, tickle, and pester each other. Her heartbeat quickens from a pillow fight, Tiffany’s adrenaline gives her the courage to do something she was never brave enough to try a few minutes ago. She strips Rebecca’s shirt, squeezes her playful boobs, and sucks on her perfect little nipples. Zazie wants to have fun too and pulls her beautiful breasts out while the other two girls suck them, licking her stiff nipples while Zazie gasps with pleasure. Tiffany Rebecca crouches, buries her face in her wet pussy while Zazie kisses Rebecca. These girls are already wet each other, and they haven’t even broken up toys yet!

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